About Us

Sweet Gisele debuted in 2005, the brand quickly established itself as a leading supplier of original apparel & novelty items in the resort and fashion industry, garnering rave reviews for its impeccable quality and cutting-edge style. 

With its advanced facility based out of New York, Sweet Gisele is a proud U.S. manufacturer, which enables its professional team to respond to each individual customer’s needs in a timely manner while keeping quality at a maximum. Great service and customer satisfaction are of the utmost importance to Sweet Gisele.

 Awarded 2015 "Most Innovative Vendor" by Dufry/Hudson Group, the brand’s continued success, growth and recognition as an innovative and reliable manufacturer is a testament to the dedication of its expertly trained staff.

Sweet Gisele’s creative development department is always focused on generating unique and trendy designs to ensure that the brand’s product stands above the rest, delivering a wide-ranging, ever-growing collection for businesses and consumers alike.

 With luxurious, high-quality products at affordable prices, Sweet Gisele works hard to make it easy for you look and feel sweet!



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